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Fill More Beds

Smart Admissions helps you overcome the challenges of how you receive and process

bed referrals and admissions.

In the fast-paced world of post-acute care placement, an empty bed is more than
just a missed opportunity for providing care.

It’s a loss of revenue.

Isn't it time you change that?

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  • Simple Patient Clinical Intake and Assessment 

  • Improve Referral Response Time

  • Streamline Referral Documents & Paperwork

  • Increase Conversion Rates & Revenue

What We Offer

What We Offer


Streamline the entire process by easily managing automated requests with real-time collaboration

across locations, staff, and devices. This greatly improves your ability to respond to inquiries and

make smarter decisions that will affect both your clients and your profitability.

Simple Patient Intake and Assessment


Business Intelligence



Acceptance Rates

Generate Acceptance Reports & Analytics

Respond Immediately

to Requests

Produce Additional Revenue

How We Work

How We Work

With our user-friendly dashboard, you can track and view activity from start to finish for every referral -- in real time!


You’ll never miss another referral or spend valuable time scrambling to keep on top of paperwork, data,

and communication. Visually display information in charts for quick review and action.

Immediate Notification

Receive automatic email notifications when a fax or email referral request arrives.

View & Classify Documents

Review documents and create a new referral with one click or assign documents to an existing referral.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Visually display real-time information in charts for quick review and decision-making.

Bed Offer & Decision

Make a bed offer once review is complete.

Patient Data & Financial Information

Automatically create a referral summary with key information.

Clinical Review

Capture clinical review and approval to designate an appropriate length of stay.

Placement Document

Automatically create a referral summary with key information.

Audit Trail

Track and view the activity of every referral from start to finish.


Meet Smart Admissions


Smart Admissions was built out of a need. A need for overwhelmed health care facilities and nursing home staff to find a better way to manage the deluge of paper, emails, and faxes for bed referrals.


Offering a welcome workflow solution, Smart Admissions leverages the power of technology to streamline responses to patient bed inquiries and secure bed offers, automatically, swiftly, and efficiently. Optimize census and boost revenue by relying on Smart Admissions to manage referrals with ease.


Smart Admissions gathers document, email, and fax requests in a web-based, centralized hub. Never miss another referral or experience a delay in responding. Accelerate the process and communicate effectively, no matter the device or location.

Prior to using Smart Admissions, we were drowning in paperwork (emails, faxes, phone call notes) as a means of managing patient referrals.  

The dashboard provides an easy method to get a quick glance at how many referrals we have received, where they are coming from, and the status on outstanding bed offers.

Our referring hospitals love the fact that any one of our admissions staff members can give up-to-date information regarding the status of the referral since all progress is noted in the system.

We highly recommend Smart Admissions to anyone trying to make this process more efficient and their lives easier.

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